What Makes a Website Look Good?

When you’re designing a new website, it can be difficult for some to take a step back and look at their work with an objective eye. Many times, people don’t even know that their website makes people’s eyes bleed because they don’t have that ability to know what looks good. When you’re a small business, it can be difficult to hire the kind of resources you need to make a website look professional and perfect. Fortunately, as technology progresses, it’s becoming easier and easier to design eye-catching graphics without having to spend a lot of money. First thing, what makes a website look good? Clean lines, and complimentary colors. That’s the basics when it comes to website design. The human mind finds it easy to organize information by vertical columns, which is why you see so many websites with a three column layout. On the right, you have information about the company and what you offer, in the middle, it should be the main content that you want to promote, and on the left side, can be other information or links for your customers to navigate around your site. Three columns is not the standard by any means – many websites look great with two or even one, really, it depends on how you want your company to represent itself to people. Whatever you end up choosing, you want to make sure it is easy for clients to navigate and find the links they want. Many people make the mistake of over-designing their page, and the website ends up looking crowded with long text headlines that are smashed together, making them difficult to read and follow along. Never use flashing graphics to catch people’s attention. It looks tacky and out of place in the modern web 2.0 era we find ourselves in. Auto-playing videos have their place, but many people find them distracting. If you want to have a video auto-play when new visitors come to your site, set it on a delay so they can have the opportunity to pause it and won’t be taken off-guard as their speakers suddenly blast out your video to their office. It won’t do you any good if people are immediately closing your page in frustration, even if you got them as a unique visitor, they didn’t spend any time on your page. A bad webpage is bad marketing in this day and age. It shows that you are not serious about your small business. The best way to make your website look good is to turn to WordPress and previously designed webpage templates. Many of these only require you to upload whatever photos you want to display along with your blog content and company information. Many of these themes are also free for you making your decision even easier. The difference in having a professionally designed website (even a free wordpress template) is better than trying to do it all yourself.
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