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Very responsive! I need tech people on my team like Internet QuickStart.

Debra Harley September 14, 2017

Emailed my logo over s short time ago and it has already been implemented into my website. Awesome.

Peter Alpy September 14, 2017

Professional, responsive, awesome. Eric rocks

Diane Hendricks September 11, 2017

Always fast and courteous and super helpful. We always learn a lot from Kristina.

Karen Flower September 9, 2017

One word these organization is FAST!!!

Piotr Michalik September 6, 2017

Mind Protein team is very fast and responsive I would recommend them to anybody who is new or advance in computer science.

Piotr Michalik September 5, 2017

It's all about the quickness. That has been my experience with Internet Quickstart. I am extremely pleased with the quick response of the work you do.

Deborah Exum September 4, 2017

Mike is simply WONDERFUL in every sense of the word! Dictionary wonderful× won·der·ful ˈwəndərfəl/Submit adjective inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous. "they all think he's wonderful" synonyms: marvelous, magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful; informalsuper, great, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, sensational, incredible, fabulous, fab, out of this world, awesome, magic, wicked, far out, killer, brilliant, peachy, dandy, neat, swell

Lou Manna September 2, 2017

Micheal Haas is a WIZARD. Lots and Lots of patience in working with people. He listens very carefully and has full knowledge and control for full guidance. Mahalo Plenty Micheal.

Francisco Raasch Barajas September 1, 2017

Mind Protein is awesome and Neil is fantastic!! Extremely knowledgeable to ready to take any extra steps if necessary. Invaluable!!

Donna Walsh August 29, 2017

Eric is helpful and conscientious. He has helped me whenever I have questions, and he promptly uploaded testimonials to our website. Thank you Eric!

Marianne Pajak August 29, 2017

Excellent to work with!

Johnny Braddy August 26, 2017

Great Experience

Glenn Zdon August 25, 2017

Macy is superb!

Elaine Taylor August 24, 2017

Excellent experience as always! Crushed It!!!

Donnie Chandler August 24, 2017

Regina truly cares!

Kpjmmu Braddu August 24, 2017

Excellent!! Took my online presence to another level!! Thank you so much!! 🙂

Donnie Chandler August 23, 2017

Each and every time I have an issue I am met with prompt response and excellent service. You guys rock!

Kurt Bolick August 23, 2017

I submitted a request for some verbiage on our web site and it was corrected within minutes. Thank You Susan Strommen Great Work!

Richard Heglin August 23, 2017

Neil Garces was very through in helping us set up our website. He made it very easy and now all we have to do is send in the changes that we want made.

Horace James August 20, 2017

Neil was fantastic, very helpful professional and a good sense of humor. He CRUSHED IT!!!

Juan Loera August 19, 2017

Regina is very professional and efficient!

Johnny Braddy August 16, 2017

Eric Padilla is so awesome, and knowledgeable...l was blown away. l will be calling him for all my questions and asset!

Sukie Hernandez August 11, 2017

Eric is awesome! He is so knowledgeable and made sure that we understood the ends and outs of a concept before he let us go!

TaLisa August 11, 2017

Susan crushed several technical matters for us with grace and aplomb. She's extremely knowledgeable, professional, and super pleasant. We want one!! 😀

Micahel Andollno August 10, 2017

Absolutely. The Support Team are excellent. I am very greatful to them, they have answered all my questions and have responded almost immediately when I did have questions. Their patience with me is greatly appreciated too (I have had several questions). Thank you for your continued support.

Rita Demchak August 10, 2017

Fast and accurate response in the middle of the night! Quite impressive Regina! Bravo!!!

Lou Manna August 10, 2017

Eric Padilla was Awesome in helping us create our business Facebook page by adjusting our logo size to fit the necessary parameters. Many Thanks to Eric!!!

Marianne Pajak August 10, 2017

Quick answer, it is always very appreciated !

Patrick Blias August 9, 2017

Neil responded quickly to my request for help with my business emails. My problem was solved! Thank you Neil.

Barbara Beam August 8, 2017

I love it , was great , i am so happy

Jenny D. Repko August 8, 2017

They are professionals!!

Rodney Gibson,Sr. August 3, 2017

These guys and gals are great at what they do, and worth every penny

Faris Alkassim August 3, 2017

Susan, helped sort out a few things and gave us a process to upload our pictures of available rehabs to our site. She told us about Realeflow being able to integrate with Nichebuilders. Work in progress.

Toni Pond August 3, 2017

Aidan was on top of things! He got back to me right away and his answer made us very happy!

Marie Granato August 2, 2017

despite my technological challenges, Eric continued to work with me step by step to resolve my issue. I am very grateful for his help and his persistence.

Cindy Hudson August 1, 2017

Macy Ward was awesome and quick to get my website up and running smoothly! Many thanks!

Lou Manna August 1, 2017

Mike is a great coach, he knows how to keep me focused.

Katrina Yates July 27, 2017

Thank you so much! Neil Garces you did a great job getting my G Suite set up. You were very helpful.

Lucinda Schondelmayer July 26, 2017

Miesha was great! She has the patience of a saint and although I know nothing about setting up a website, she never once made me feel uncomfortable. She was very supportive! She has great customer service skills!

Rebecca Lyles July 25, 2017

Regina has been very helpful in working with me to get my website up and running.

Rebecca Lyles July 24, 2017

Susan Has been a huge asset and goes above and beyond to help !!

Rick Howell July 22, 2017

Absolutely! You guys crushed it once again! Many thanks.

Lynette Berry July 22, 2017

Absolutely! Got an answer and solve my problem and was extremely the way it was my first time using them... love it. CRUSHED IT BIG TIME..TKS.

Deborah Barcena July 21, 2017

The Mind Protein experience was absolutely wonderful at the Chicago Event. Susan was a huge help today and during the training and Eric was a super huge help yesterday and during the training.

Beth L. July 16, 2017

Miesha was very helpful, She took the time to make sure I understood what to do. Before moving on to something else. She CRUSHED IT!

Lucinda July 13, 2017

Eric was awesome. Loved working with him.

Arlene Alt July 13, 2017

Neil was great! I was being a bit blonde after having driven through a commute replete with massive thunderstorms and Neil rolled with it and got me set up and into the G Suite. Ok! Good to go!

David Newey July 13, 2017

very good

Jason Hardy July 12, 2017

Mike is awesome! He crushed it!

Akila July 12, 2017