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Winston was awesome and was very informative with all the questions I had to ask. He had a great personality that was very welcoming and easy to work with. I learned a lot from our call and is looking forward to many more calls from him.

Tricia Ramos January 17, 2019

Great discussion today, Winston provided great information relating to the Moby platform I feel very fortunate to have Winston "in my corner"

Cliff Ward January 17, 2019

Winston Crushed It!!! He came in listen to my current status, acknowledged the task that were complete and gave me actions/suggestions to move forward with my plan. BOOM!!

Gari Brown January 17, 2019

The strategies and lead generating tips provided were MIND BLOWING!!! I'm so grateful to have been able to talk with Jake. I cannot wait until our next call!

Melvin Trotter January 17, 2019

Kristina is really an amazing Lady. She understood my frustrations with technology and made it really simple to follow instruction and build level 1 marketing campaign. The action plan is very clear, precise and helpful, but more importantly the action plan comes with a life line attached. Contact the Coaches and schedule calls and email them! It doesn't get any more clear; does it? I really appreciate Kristina's sincerity and heartfelt enthusiasm to support, guide and assistance. When we speak on Nov. 26, I will have completed the actions list and I will be a few steps closer to seal on my first real estate deal.

Jamal Abodalo January 17, 2019

Michael Haas was fantastic! He explained everything in really elementary and simple way for me to understand the concepts!

Jovan Dudley January 17, 2019

Jake has provided great guidance on our journey. He provides good follow-up resources and effective and candid feedback on what we are working on to help us work toward our goals.

Eddie Gutierrez January 17, 2019

Our new marketing coach was approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. She definitely fits the Fortune Builders coach model. Kathy, my wife, and I are excited to work with Laura.

January 17, 2019

Kristina provided a LOT of good information that I can use to help from the level at which I and the rest of my team are operating.

January 17, 2019

The calls are very helpful, as a new investor it is so easy to drift away from the goal and get confounded, these calls redirects me to focus and be on track. Thank you

Lucy Kenei January 17, 2019

Not only did Mike encourage me, he gave me a road map to follow that will help me to utilize my time more effectively and prioritizing the tasks that will move my business forward!

Kimberly Pesavento January 17, 2019

Winston got to the meat and potatoes quickly and answered all of my questions. I feel comfortable working with him and look forward to building my business with his aid.

Fred Washington January 17, 2019

Awesome ideas for moving forward and breaking down barriers to progress in step-wise fashion. Thank you!

Mike Hayes January 17, 2019

Winston was very calm and patient, allowing me time to process information and to access information on the site. I like having the specific action items for the next month.

Janice Goldsmith January 17, 2019

Brooks is super smart with a lot of great, outside the box ideas. Really like working with him.

Teresa Bruce January 17, 2019

Kristina has been a great coach and we love all the resources she provides us with. She's been very encouraging and is awesome to work with. We are looking forward to our first deal!

Patricia Winkel January 17, 2019

Michael was extremely helpful in his call today. He took time to answer my questions and make sure I know he is always available if I have any more questions!

Mary Bingham January 17, 2019

Macy was very professional and PATIENT ! She helped us out big time!!

Rosemary Swartz November 3, 2017

Anytime we've asked for support, it has been very helpful and very prompt.

Wayne and Anita Render November 2, 2017

Through no fault of anyone at Mind Protein, our phone reception could have been better. There was background noise coming from the Mind Protein office as well. Our conversation with the coach was very helpful.

Wayne and Anita Render November 2, 2017

Neil hit it out of the park when I needed to remember how to create a new email id for our business. He was quick to respond and provided step by step instructions, making it very easy for me.

Dawn Anderson October 31, 2017

Neil was great. I'm not computer savy. He walked me through all my questions and spoke in language I understood. Gave me instant resolve.

Lydia Crossley October 31, 2017

Mind protein is there to help accelerate the internet presence and are working hard with me to coordinate with my parallel needs with Nevada Corporate Headquarter(NCH) that needs to be completed first.... Thank you for being so helpful......BOOM ..,another win ....on to next steps..... See you next Thursday

Isidoro Perez October 28, 2017

Eric is extremely responsive, addresses any and all requests efficiently and effectively. A pleasure to work with

Tim Stauning October 28, 2017

Aidan help me out and I’m very happy for that

Maritiza Lopez October 27, 2017

Quick and detailed responses really helpful!

S. Lau October 25, 2017

Aidan from Mind Protein really listened and heard where I was coming from. He was able to work things out for me and for my partner in the best interest of our business. He was extremely understanding and was able to accommodate our request. Aidan also made me feel completely comfortable and opened me up to discuss what was really on my mind. I am completely happy with his response to our dilemma.

Marie Granato October 25, 2017

The online scheduling app that Kristina has set up makes re-scheduling a breeze - thanks!

Brad Larsen October 18, 2017

Fast and efficient

Carolyn D. Jones October 18, 2017

Greta assistance with logo positioning on my website.

Greg Spearman October 18, 2017

Excellent support and team!

Jasmine Indra October 18, 2017

Neil Garces is so very gracious, helpful and patient. I am so grateful to have Mind Protein on my side.

Jasmine Indra October 18, 2017

Top notch customer service!

Justin October 17, 2017

OMG! my experience has been Awesomely educating! Neil shared much on how to tackle a task at a time, to be calm, pause a moment on studies and repeat the cycle towards gradually getting where I need to be. Great reminder to breathe!

Jaylin Baquiring October 16, 2017

Awesome!!!! Thank you for the quick response and assistance!

Sherilyn Lau October 13, 2017

Every time I speak with my coach for mind protein I get invaluable advice on how to customize and automate the processes of my business. I also get immediate result by implementing the strategies that are suggested.

Kurt Bolick October 11, 2017

Exceptional support; pleasantly surprised by their quick response!

Kenneth October 11, 2017

Timely response, answered my question precisely as needed! Crushed it!

Lindy Fenex October 10, 2017

Susan Strommen and the coaching team responded to my questions quickly and effectively. Thank you!

Jeff Cliffe October 8, 2017

Brilliant! Just the info I needed to get past my block!

Jana October 7, 2017

Thank you Eric, I was not sure how the different aspects of the website work with the other marketing platforms I want to use. I will keep you posted on my progress.Thank You again1

Paul Walker October 3, 2017

The support is great! They respond quickly and fix my problems within minutes.

Justin P October 3, 2017

Our experience with Neil has been amazing, he has been a tremendous help to us getting things set up. He has been a wealth of knowledge and very valuable to our business getting things set up. THANK YOU VERY MUCH NEIL.

Juan Loera October 1, 2017

All my questions were answered. Thank you.

Charles H Elliott September 30, 2017

Eric was able to answer all my questions and guide me in the direction I need to go...which happens to be 180 degrees from the course I was on. Simple easy to understand answers and suggestions, he saved me a least 2 hours of work and FRUSTRATION.

Paul Walker September 29, 2017

Eric is ALWAYS on point along with the rest of the Mind Protein Team!! I'm so grateful to have their constant support and skills available.

Lorenzo Clark September 27, 2017

Reliable replies, thoughtful and on point!

James September 27, 2017

Consistently great support, always helpful and friendly!

Lindy September 26, 2017

It seems I hardly hit the send on my request and I have a response. Thank you, Eric, for going above and beyond in helping us get another website on-line!

Dawn Anderson September 22, 2017

Winston is awesome!Thanks so very much1

April Hernandez September 22, 2017

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