How Your Web Design Can Impact Your Traffic Strategies

Before you turn to social media, SEO or any other traffic strategies, you want to ensure that your website is presentable to your guests. This may be their first impression and a poor website design can deter them from coming back in the future, even after you’ve fixed the problems. Three things you want in your small business website are:
  • A clean layout. Nothing turns the eye off more than being pulled in ten different directions at once. One way to get feedback on your design is to ask friends and family members to try certain tasks and see if they can find the answers intuitively.
  • Functionality. It should go without saying, but everything on your website should work. Broken links or error messages can result in frustration and damage your credibility with your customer. Instead of alerting you to the problem they often leave instead, never to return again.
  • Content formatted for the web. The web is not the place for long, flowing prose or complex fonts. Use numbered lists, bullet points, bold text, color coding and easy to read fonts to ease the strain on your consumers’ eyes.
Creating a website that consumers can find their way around can inspire return visits and longer time spent on the page. What elements do you think make up quality web design? What features detract from a positive experience?
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