7 Tips for Superstar Salespeople

Salesmanship is not for the faint hearted. Unlike most other jobs, your paycheck is riding entirely on your output. You are subjected to constant scrutiny from your clients. And you have to get through every day with a smile pasted on your face. Even natural born salespeople sometimes feel in need of advice. Your education doesn’t end when you get a degree. If you think you can rest on your laurels after you complete your MBA, think again. The world outside of the classroom has plenty of lessons in store for fledgling salespeople. In fact, many of the best salespeople in history never even went to college! To give yourself a competitive edge, find an inspiring mentor or read biographies and self-help books by sales gurus. Learning as you go is better than ceasing to learn at all. Develop relationships with your clients. Unfortunately, most salespeople operate under a stigma. New clients will suspect that you have ulterior motives for all your overtures, which, to be fair, is partially true. Suspicion dwindles when you build a relationship with your client—and don’t base that relationship exclusively on making sales! Always be there for your client, whether you are helping them troubleshoot a problem with a product or even referring them to a competitor’s product that better suits their needs. When you are friendly, attentive, and honest, your clients will come to you rather than you having to seek them out. Develop a social media presence. The majority of time that people spend online is spent on social media sites. If you’re not on social media, you are missing out on hours of exposure to your clientele. Don’t just use social media to broadcast sales pitches. Use social media to portray yourself as a relatable figure and to build rapport with your clients. Keep track of your customer data. Invest in customer relationship management (CRM) tools that help you store information about your clients—whether that information is a product they order every month or the fact that they are a green activist, involved in lots of volunteer work. Having plenty of data stored away about each client means you are always prepared when they call, and you might even be able to anticipate their needs before they call! Analyze customer data. Hording information about your customers is useless if you don’t take time to search for patterns in that information. Knowing that your client is a green activist does you no good if you fail to send them a flyer for your company’s special earth day promotion. Analyze data to understand your customers’ needs, goals, and interests. Also try to understand your own successes and failures. Learn from your mistakes! Make time for yourself. As a salesperson, you may feel like you’re under constant scrutiny. Burnout is a common phenomenon among salespeople who forget to take time to decompress. Eat a healthy lunch. Make calls to loved ones throughout the day. Celebrate closing a deal by buying yourself that little something you’ve had your eye on for a while. In order to take care of your clients, you need to take care of yourself too! Be a team player. The world of sales is highly competitive, but many times, the salespeople who get ahead are the ones who work well with others. Making allies rather than enemies of your peers is crucial to your success. You can’t know it all or do it all, but when you have connections who know what you don’t and do what you can’t, you’re covered! Use these tips to go at life as a salesperson with new gusto! Your success is in your hands, and you can and will succeed.
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